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The best way to learn everything about your customers is to have constant access to top-class, most accurate, real-time data. It’s also the main requirement for successfully scaling your business. Accurate data can tell you all about your prospects, including who

The shortage of electronic components has been a significant global issue for some time now, affecting supplies since around 2018. Numerous crises, especially the Covid-19 pandemic, combined with changes to consumer demand, have exacerbated this issue, resulting in crippling shortages in

Boris Johnson has said he will look at introducing a windfall tax on oil and gas companies but believes they are not the “right way forward”. Rishi Sunak, the chancellor, is threatening to implement a windfall tax amid concerns that energy

Calling a man ‘bald’ is sex harassment, an employment tribunal has ruled after an employee complained about being called a ‘bald c***’. Tony Finn had worked for the West Yorkshire-based British Bung Company for almost 24 years when he was fired

It’s a drum I’ll continue to beat, but every company, no matter how small or big their travel spend, should have a straightforward, easy-to-follow travel policy in place. Perhaps before “you’re on mute” became part of our everyday vocab, travellers were