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Essex is an area of a rich and diverse history. It is the place where Queen Boudica of the Iceni led the resistance against the Romans and where Clement Attlee decided to rebuild Britain after the Second World War. But over

Steph Douglas talk to Business Matters about what led her to create the gift company Don’t Buy Her Flowers. What do you currently do at ‘Don’t Buy Her Flowers’ I’m the Founder and CEO of Don’t Buy Her Flowers. I launched the

Could your business do better? Did early successes suggest a future that hasn’t materialised?  Has organic and acquisitive growth failed to deliver imagined outcomes? Have you failed to keep pace with market growth or meet profitability expectations? Then perhaps the

Responding to Education Select Committee’s consultation on the future of post-16 qualifications, the Institute of Directors has called for a further delay to the planned defunding of BTECs to allow for more time to generate employer capacity to provide T

Hundreds of thousands of predominantly older people and those living in rural areas will be forced to upgrade their mobile phones by the end of 2023, as Vodafone sets a deadline for switching off its ageing 3G network next year