Ministers will today launch a new benefits crackdown designed to get half a million unemployed people back to work by the end of June. As Boris Johnson battles to get on the front foot amid the Partygate row, the Government will

They already help play music, get the news and control appliances at home, and virtual voice assistants may soon also be able to detect if people are ill. Smart speakers such as Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant are expected within the

Supermarkets and train operators will carry on asking people to wear facemasks after the legal requirement for them comes to an end today. Plan B coronavirus measures in England have been dropped as Boris Johnson promises a route back to “complete

Essex is an area of a rich and diverse history. It is the place where Queen Boudica of the Iceni led the resistance against the Romans and where Clement Attlee decided to rebuild Britain after the Second World War. But over

Steph Douglas talk to Business Matters about what led her to create the gift company Don’t Buy Her Flowers. What do you currently do at ‘Don’t Buy Her Flowers’ I’m the Founder and CEO of Don’t Buy Her Flowers. I launched the